Vitrine vidéo des boursiers.ières

Welcome to the CONP Scholar Showcase, where we host short video presentations that feature the wide variety of research activities our scholars are engaged in and the equally large array of their contributions to the open-neuroscience community.

The CONP scholarship program supports highly qualified personnel in conducting collaborative projects that are directly related to building platforms, resources, datasets, analytics, or disseminating neuroscience results that will contribute to the advancement of open neuroscience.

The CONP congratulates its scholars on their excellent work and ongoing participation in the open-science community, developing and promoting the means to make accessible and transparent neuroscience research the new norm.

Alejandro Gutierrez

University of Calgary

Data augmentation through generative modelling on brain-image data

Jessica Royer

Montreal Neurological Institute – McGill University

Open tools and resources for multiscale neuroscience

Dongsheng Xiao

University of British Columbia

MesoNet allows automated scaling and segmentation of mouse mesoscale cortical maps using machine learning

Donovan Ashby

Hotchkiss Brain Institute – University of Calgary

Combined mesoscale cortical imaging and subcortical electrophysiology in awake mice

Yuxiao Chen

Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics – CAMH

Improving the quality, documentation, and dissemination of multimodal single cell data

Jacqueline Harris

University of Alberta

Predicting treatment outcomes in depression using resting-state fMRI

Dylan Terstege

Hotchkiss Brain Institute – University of Calgary

Flexible atlas segmentation tool for multi-area processing

Jacob Sanz-Robinson

Montreal Neurological Institute – McGill University

Continuous testing of neuroimaging results across pipelines and datasets: application to hearing loss associations with brain structure

Pauline Mouches

University of Calgary

Studying healthy brain aging

Milton Camacho-Camacho

University of Calgary

Interpretable machine learning models for early diagnosis of cognitive decline in patients with Parkinson’s disease

Abhijit Chinchani

University of British Columbia

Item-specific overlap between hallucinatory experiences and cognition in the general population: A three-step multivariate analysis of international multi-site data

Peter Hogg

University of British Columbia

DynaROI: Universal segmentation of time-series regions of interest for aligning neural activity to morphology

Kaitlin Sullivan

University of British Columbia

Analysis packages for mFISH

Siavash Ghaffari

Centre for Applied Genomics – SickKids Hospital

The role of non-coding structural variations in the genetics of autism spectrum disorders from human whole-genome deep learning analysis

Bradley Karat

Western University

Investigating the macro- and micro-structure of the human hippocampus

Tamir Avigdor

Montreal Neurological Institute – McGill University

Sleep atlas: Mapping of brain activity across the sleep-wake cycle using intracranial EEG

Ellen Koch

University of British Columbia

In vivo imaging of striatal activity during behaviour in Huntington’s disease mouse models

Wallace Souza Loos

University of Calgary

Assessment of blood-brain barrier permeability and microvascular changes to differentiate pseudo and true progression in patients with glioblastoma

Hao Hu

University of British Columbia

Synth-Mouse: A library of mouse 3D poses from synthetic-real data exploration

Adam Lognon

University of Calgary

The medial zona incerta and A13 nucleus as potential therapeutic targets in a model of Parkinson’s disease

Nick Michelson 

University of British Columbia

Meso-social: An open-source approach to study cortical circuit activity in mice during constrained social interaction

Jawata Afnan

Montreal Neurological Institute – McGill University

MEG source imaging of resting state oscillatory patterns in healthy subjects: validation with iEEG atlas of healthy brain

Arash Aghamohammadi Sereshki

University of Calgary

Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on limbic and prefrontal structures and their neurobehavioural development

Ethan Kim

University of Toronto – CAMH

LaminaRGeneVis: a tool to visualize gene expression across the laminar architecture of the human neocortex

Jennifer Kim

University of British Columbia

Microgliome: An interactive microglia gene regulation browser

Samuel Mestern

Western University

Public dataset release and data dashboard for primate intracellular electrophysiology