Adam Lognon


I am working on my Master’s of Neuroscience degree at the University of Calgary under Dr. Patrick Whelan. I am applying 6 years of research experience to understand the neural control mechanisms for the generation of movement to my current project. In that time I have applied a variety of experimental techniques ranging from electrophysiology to behaviour and tissue post-hoc.

Research Project

My current project is focused on looking at the therapeutic potential of stimulating an under-studied population of hypothalamic dopaminergic neurons to treat motor symptoms in a mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease. For my project, I will be working to develop tools that allow for expansive analysis of gait and motor features in my parkinsonian model mice during stimulation.

Check out Adam’s presentation of his CONP project in a short talk entitled “The medial zona incerta and A13 nucleus as potential therapeutic targets in a model of Parkinson’s disease”.