Samuel Mestern


I am a master’s student in Dr. Wataru Inoue’s Lab at Western University. I previously earned my Bsc. in Neuroscience and Mental Health at Carleton University. My research utilizes patch-clamp electrophysiology to investigate the cellular mechanisms of stress signaling in the hypothalamus.

Research Project

Creating a comprehensive census of brain cells is an essential building block for understanding how the brain works and how it differs between humans and other species. Currently, we are working on a team project to create the first cell-type database of non-human primate neurons that will bridge the crucial gap between ongoing mouse and human studies. My specific project focuses on building tools to explore and interact with the dataset in order to enhance the usability of the database.

Check out Sam’s presentation of his CONP project in a short talk entitled “Public dataset release and data dashboard for primate intracellular electrophysiology”.