Dongsheng Xiao


I’ve been a doctor mainly engaged in the research of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. When I came to Prof. Murphy’s lab in the second year of my PhD study, I was deeply attracted by the cutting-edge neurophysiological techniques, as it can probe the complex information flow in the brain during sensorimotor processing. I established new procedures for mapping connections between discrete cortical locations and sub-cortical brain structures, which will provide new insights in understanding brain functions and modulations that I intend to help translate from bench to bedside throughout my professional career.

Research Project

Mapping the regional functional connectivity associated with the firing of individual neurons or specific behaviours is important to understand brain function and find therapeutic targets for brain stimulation or brain machine interfaces. We propose to establish a standard open source database of event-triggered functional maps, and build open source platforms for freely sharing data, code and analytical tools. Last year, we established our open data sharing procedures and published our first Open Access Datasets. We will continue making efforts to improve open source platforms, sharing more data and develop analytical tools for automated high-throughput mesoscale mouse brain image and behavior data analysis.

Check out some recent work from Dongsheng and his colleagues in the Murphy lab, published in the journal Nature Methods:

And here is Dongsheng’s presentation of his CONP project in a short talk entitled “MesoNet allows automated scaling and segmentation of mouse mesoscale cortical maps using machine learning“.