Jacob Sanz-Robinson


Jacob is a Master’s student in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University, where he works under the supervision of Drs. Jean-Baptiste Poline and Tristan Glatard (Department of Computer Science, Concordia University). He completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at McGill University and his research is based on developing tools to facilitate the reproducibility of research in big-data neuroinformatics. Jacob also enjoys playing guitar, recording music, and running.

Research Project

Neuroimaging results are sensitive to variations in datasets and processing pipelines, contributing to scientific result reproducibility issues. This project’s goal is to build a generic Continuous Integration framework (a common practice used in software engineering to launch automated tests) for the evaluation of neuroimaging results, which iteratively evaluates and updates results as new data, pipelines, or processing conditions become available. The initial application of the framework is the association between hearing loss and hippocampal volume, which will help consolidate knowledge in this area and facilitate identifying discrepancies and biases in result variability.

Check out Jacob’s presentation of his CONP project in a short talk entitled “Continuous testing of neuroimaging results across pipelines and datasets: application to hearing loss associations with brain structure”.