Peer Herholz

Twitter : @peerherholz

After obtaining degrees in neurolinguistics, neuropsychology and neuroscience at the Universities of Leipzig and Marburg (Germany), Peer finished his PhD in cognitive and computational neuroscience earlier this year being affiliated with the University of Marburg and the International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research (BRAMS) and with his thesis being entitled “The neurobiology of cortical music representations”.  Within his CONP project, Peer is working at the Montréal Neurological Institute with JB Poline and Robert Zatorre, combining his interests of auditory neuroscience and open & reproducible science.

The research project “Signed, not Sealed, Delivered (I’m everyone’s)” focuses on the creation of a complex open dataset targeting diverse aspects of auditory processing. Being the first entirely open dataset to purely focus on neural correlates of auditory processing, it will not only consist of neuroimaging data, but also a tremendous variety of other aspects that allow for in depth characterization, including for example psychoacoustics and musical training. Besides the creation of said dataset, the project will additionally be concerned with its robust, reliable and reproducible analyses that integrate its different modalities and solely rely on open source software and virtualization to allow an easy exploration also for the general public.