Ethics & Data Governance

The Ethics and Governance Committee supports the CONP’s operations through the development of best-practice resources to facilitate open-science research, sharing, and publication. This includes the elaboration of a framework of core ethical elements, general principles, and practical guidance for the responsible conduct of open science at the CONP and in the larger neuroscience community, especially in what regards safeguarding the rights and interests (including autonomy, privacy, health, and inclusion) of data subjects while fostering the collective human right to share in the benefits of scientific advancement.

Committee Members:

  • Trudo Lemmens, Chair
  • Alexander Bernier
  • Ann Cavoukian
  • John Clarkson
  • Jason Karamchandani
  • Bartha Maria Knoppers
  • Roland Nadler
  • Dylan Roskams-Edris
  • Walter Stewart


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