Resources & Training

The Training Committee supports the training and education of young neuroscientists in open-science workflows through a Scholar Award Program and the development of open educational resources, aiming to provide the next generation of researchers with the knowledge and means to produce high-calibre, reproducible, and open neuroscience.  Through their highly collaborative research projects, the CONP Scholars are involved in developing platforms, resources, datasets, analytics, means for data-sharing, and educational resources that contribute to the advancement of open neuroscience in Canada and internationally.

Committee Members

  • Jane Roskams, Chair
  • Mallar Chakravarty
  • James Desjardin
  • Julien Doyon
  • Celia Greenwood
  • Ingrid Johnsrude
  • Tim Murphy
  • Paul Pavlidis
  • David Rotenberg
  • Stephen Strother