Sara Memar

Twitter: @memar_sara

Sara obtained her PhD in computer science, focused on computer vision and machine learning, in January 2016 from University of Windsor. During the last year of her PhD program, she worked as a neuroinformatics intern at Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) to develop and manage medical databases. After graduation, she joined London Health Science Center as a postdoctoral fellow where she employed machine learning techniques to develop a prediction model for optimizing DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) device settings and to analyze kinematic data, EEG data and spike data recorded from Cortex and STN relating to cognitive tasks. She is currently working as a neuroinformatics researcher at BrainsCAN, University of Western Ontario. She is responsible for the development and application of novel algorithms, computational models, and databases for Touchscreen cognitive behavioral data.

I play a key role in designing, developing, coding, testing, and deploying MouseBytes for cognitive behavioural data, which will then be expanded to link to imaging and genomics data. MouseBytes is an open-access and user-friendly cognitive repository ( It employs advanced web technologies and is connected to a database/repository of cognitive data obtained using touchscreen technology which allows its use without any software installation. Not only can users deposit their original data, but they are also able to extract, export, share and re-analyze data obtained from other laboratories and benefit from data visualization.