The CONP has three main components:
  1. Administrative structure
  2. Committees
  3. Members

Administrative Structure

A central administrative structure exists to carry out the day-to-day project management, coordination, and oversight of the implementation and delivery of the CONP grant. Its members include:

  • Prof Alan Evans, Principal Investigator
  • Patrick Bermudez, Executive Director
  • Terry Kaluta, Financial Officer
  • Derek Lo, Webmaster
  • Irem Katitas, Administrative Coordinator

In association with the CONP Steering Committee, the administration of the CONP provides scientific, strategic, and operational leadership to CONP activities including:

  • liaising externally with Brain Canada and other national and international organizations such as the INCF
  • managing the network of stakeholders and partners, as well as associated finances
  • project planning, proactively monitoring/reporting progress and resolving issues
  • organizing and supporting the governance of the CONP committees


Steering committee

The CONP Steering Committee provides strategic and scientific guidance. It has leadership and oversight of the CONP grant implementation and delivery and oversees the organization’s activities and sets strategic priorities. The committee guides the platform’s policies, protocols, and partnerships, working to advance transparency and accessibility in neuroscience research across Canada. 

Alan Evans
Patrick Bermudez
Trudo Lemmens
Sean Hill
J.B. Poline
Jane Roskams
Nikola Stikov
Rachel Harding
Pierre Bellec
Paul Pavlidis

Learn more about the Steering Committee here »

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is charged with work requiring cross-committee collaboration and distinct projects requiring additional facilitation and coordination. It brings together representatives from the other CONP committees to advance the general CONP mission and the strategic priorities of the Steering Committee by fostering collaboration among the CONP’s principal axes.

Patrick Bermudez, Chair
Alexander Bernier
Mathieu Boudreau
Derek Lo
Irem Katitas

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee’s chief responsibility is to develop and maintain the CONP Portal, a web interface that simplifies access to and sharing of datasets and tools, thereby facilitating the practice of open science in the neuroscience community. The CONP Portal internalizes the typical cycle of a research project, beginning with data acquisition, followed by data processing with published tools, and ultimately the publication of results with a link to the original dataset.

Sean Hill, Co-Chair
JB Poline, Co-Chair
Brendon Behan
Samir Das
Erin Dickie
Simon Duchesne
Ken Evans
Tom Gee
Tristan Glatard
Ali Khan
Cécile Madjar
Randy McIntosh
Paul Pavlidis
David Rotenberg
Kelly Shen

Ethics and Governance Committtee

The Ethics and Governance Committee supports the CONP’s operations through the development of best-practice resources to facilitate open-science research, sharing, and publication. This includes the elaboration of a framework of core ethical elements, general principles, and practical guidance for the responsible conduct of open science at the CONP and in the larger neuroscience community, especially in what regards safeguarding the rights and interests (including autonomy, privacy, health, and inclusion) of data subjects while fostering the collective human right to share in the benefits of scientific advancement.

Trudo Lemmens, Chair
Alexander Bernier
Ann Cavoukian
John Clarkson
Jason Karamchandani
Bartha Maria Knoppers
Roland Nadler
Dylan Roskams-Edris
Lana Sheinbaum
Walter Stewart

Communications Committee

A key objective of the CONP is fostering an open neuroscience community both locally at partner organizations and sponsor sites, as well as across Canada. Conducting outreach of the CONP ethos to a broader audience, is the responsibility of the CONP Communications Committee. This Committee strives to build a wider community by connecting with researchers and other stakeholders in the neuroscience community though various media, including conferences, webinars, podcasts and social media. The outreach efforts of the CONP are also focussed on promoting the achievements of early-career researchers, including our Scholars, as well as the new datasets, pipelines and notebooks shared by the broader community through the CONP.

Rachel Harding, Chair
Patrick Bermudez
Damien Chalaud
Irem Katitas
Estrid Jakobsen
Derek Lo
Dylan Roskams-Edris
Nikola Stikov

Training Committee

The Training Committee supports the training and education of young neuroscientists in open-science workflows through a Scholar Award Program and the development of open educational resources, aiming to provide the next generation of researchers with the knowledge and means to produce high-calibre, reproducible, and open neuroscience.  Through their highly collaborative research projects, the CONP Scholars are involved in developing platforms, resources, datasets, analytics, means for data-sharing, and educational resources that contribute to the advancement of open neuroscience in Canada and internationally.

Jane Roskams, Chair
Mallar Chakravarty
James Desjardin
Julien Doyon
Celia Greenwood
Ingrid Johnsrude
Tim Murphy
Paul Pavlidis
David Rotenberg
Stephen Strother

Publishing Committee

The Publishing Committee has created and maintains the innovative new publishing platform NeuroLibre and generally promotes the value of rich, comprehensive, living publications as open and reproducible alternatives to traditional papers.

Pierre Bellec, Chair
Mathieu Boudreau
Samir Das
Elizabeth DuPre
Rachel Harding
Agâh Karakuzu
Jean-Baptiste Poline
Nikola Stikov
Loïc Tetre

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

The CONP’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee is charged with designing and implementing initiatives to improve the representation of underserved communities within the purview of the CONP’s mission to lower barriers to open science through the development of technical infrastructure and education.

Krystle van Hoof
Noor Al-Sharif 
Pradeep Reddy Raamana
Mathew Birdsall Abrams
Patrick Bermudez

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CONP members are numerous and diverse (see our Funders and Partners pages).