NeuroLibre: Communicating Science Openly – April 26, 14:00 EDT

The Québec Bio-Imaging Network SciComm Seminars present a wide variety of topics concerning the effective communication of science.
The April 26, 2021 edition of the SciComm seminars features a presentation by Professor Nikola Stikov on the role of NeuroLibre, a preprint server for Jupyter notebooks and other interactive data analyses, in open publishing and open-science communication. CONP Scholar Agâh Karakuzu demos the new submission process.
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Presentation synopsis:
As research increasingly relies on big data and intense computation, scientists need to be flexible and adaptable to various innovative modes of collaboration, publishing and evaluation. This is even more critical when one considers the resources that go into generating data and analysis software. In this workshop we will introduce NeuroLibre, a preprint server for Jupyter notebooks and other interactive data analyses that go beyond the PDF to complement research articles. The first part of the workshop gives a historical perspective of publishing and science communication, emphasizing the need for transparency, data and code curation. In the second part we organize a hands-on tutorial where participants will learn how to create a Jupyter Book and prepare a NeuroLibre submission.

Speaker bio:
Dr. Nikola Stikov is associate professor of biomedical engineering, a researcher at the Montreal Heart Institute, and co-director of NeuroPoly, the Neuroimaging Research Laboratory at École Polytechnique, University of Montreal. His research runs the gamut of quantitative magnetic resonance imaging, from basic issues of standardization and accuracy, to biophysical modeling, microstructural imaging and clinical applications. Dr. Stikov is Junior Fellow of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), and in 2018 he was elected to lead the society’s reproducibility study group. Continuing with his open science activities, in 2019 Dr. Stikov joined the steering committee of the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform, leading the platform’s publishing efforts.