Mingli Zhang

My name is Mingli Zhang, a postdoctoral CONP scholar under Prof. Alan Evans and Prof. Jean-Baptiste Poline at the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience, Montreal Neurological Institute. I am working on exploring the open neuroscience research with the sharing of both data and methods in the field of neuroinformatics and neuroimaging.

In this project, I will leverage the existing setup of Alan’s lab as a neuroinformatics and neuroimaging platform for the creation and evaluation of population-based stratified neurology programs for healthy and pathological cognitive aging. Specifically, I will i) develop a Multi-task Multi-factorial Causal model based on machine learning (deep learning) for cognitive development estimation, ii) investigate the basic mechanisms of neuro-development, iii) look at normal trajectories of brain development and the brain-heritability with genetic.