CONP – Rachel Harding, Paolo Vincenzo Leone, and Jane Roskams on Open Science

In this podcast Rachel Harding talks to Jane Roskams, chair of the CONP Training Committee

Language: English
Length: 17 mins

Time Description
Rachel and Paolo welcome Jane Roskams, chair of the training committee of the CONP
There’s enormous potential in discovering patterns in shared data as a basis for where we want to go next
We need to open the door to other scientists to help you understand your data better
Foldit, a citizen science program for protein folding developed by Zoran Popovic, inspired Mozak, a game-based approach to neuronal reconstruction
The role of technology in open science
You cannot have artificial intelligence without having intelligence. Game-based approaches work because of human insight
The CONP training committee will provide support to shape the next generation of open science experts