CONP – Nikola Stikov and Sean Hill on Open Science

In this podcast Nikola Stikov talks to Sean Hill, chair of the CONP End-user Committee

Language: English
Length: 10 mins

Time Description
Nikola welcomes Sean Hill, professor at University of Toronto and the inaugural scientific director of the Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics
Open data is a big part of open science: ‘If we cannot reuse and reanalyze the results, we are selling the science short’
As chair of the CONP end-user committee, Sean is looking for concrete examples of how scientists want to use CONP resources to advance open neuroscience
Canada’s role in open neuroscience
Is science today more or less open than the science of the past? ‘We’ve been highly influenced by the incentive structure that optimizes for closed high-impact publications.’
What is the greatest obstacle to open science at the moment? ‘A PDF is a terrible way to share scientific data and knowledge.’
Can patents and open science coexist?