CONP – Paolo Vincenzo Leone and Kristen Ratan on Open Science

In this podcast Paolo Vincenzo Leone talks to Kristen Ratan, co-founder of the Coko Foundation

Language: English
Length: 15 mins

Time Description
Paolo welcomes Kristen Ratan, co-founder of the Coko Foundation.
'There are good reasons to hold things back. And I think what we've done is we've created bad reasons to do the same. And then we get confused about what's the right reason to share something.'
A publication is an antiquated snapshot in time. Reinventing it is not only about the infrastructure.
'We can't afford as a society to wait for people to pass pieces of bits of crumpled paper around anymore.'
'We have to form a real movement, we actually have to organize ourselves, we have to give up some of the rough edges in between our work and collaborate much more effectively and seamlessly.'