CONP – Paolo Vincenzo Leone and Vincent Lariviere on Open Science

In this podcast, Paolo Vincenzo Leone talks to Vincent Lariviere, professor of Information Science at the School of library science and Information Science of the University of Montreal

Language: English
Length: 10 mins

Time Description
Paolo welcomes Vincent Larivière, associate professor of information science at the University of Montreal, where he teaches research methods and bibliometrics.
'Open data is tough, because there's so many cases.' There's open access to results, open reviewing and open data, each with different implications.
'What we put in the system as rewards for scholars is very rarely related to openness.'
Is open data an ethical obligation?
'Scholarly journals used to be owned by the community, it used to be not that expensive. Now, it became a crazy billion dollar business where we're giving our papers and we're getting them sold back at prices that make no sense. So we really need to get that back.'