CONP – Matthieu Dupuis and Adrian Thorogood

In this podcast, Matthieu Dupuis speaks to Adrian Thorogood, lawyer and academic associate at the Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University, about law, ethics and policy in open science.

Language: English
Length: 30 mins

Time Description
Adrian started his academic career with an interest in biomedical science and epidemiology and later found he was interested in policy and health questions
“Open science attracts legal thinkers because you have to... develop really complex webs of contracts and policies to deal with differences between laws in different countries and contexts as well as to clarify responsibilities across networks”
Are law students taught about open science-related ownership challenges?
Most researchers exploring open science have an understanding of open science issues because they confront them as barriers
In open science initiatives, often the biggest part of their success is determined on changing culture and that culture is often reflected to some degree within ethics principles and rules
Adrian would like to look in the intersection of science and technology and law
Adrian discusses his CONP project and what interoperability means in a legal sense
It is important that we realize that there may be fundamental trade-offs with the interest of individual scientists and individual participants and that we are clear about that and we decide what we want as a society
Do you think there’s an easy way to make open science successful?