CONP -Nikola Stikov, Matthieu Dupuis and Ben Stecher

In this podcast, Nikola Stikov and Matthieu Dupuis speak with Benjamin Stecher, a Parkinson’s disease patient and open science advocate. 

Language: English
Length: 25 mins

Time Description
Nikola and Benjamin discuss the CONP, its mission and the target audience of the podcast
Benjamin talks about his experience living with Parkinson’s disease
“Yes, I’m interested in learning as much as I can about my condition, but I’m more interested in learning what I can do about things”
Benjamin’s important messages to researchers and patients
“A lot of scientists are like bumble bees in some sense. They publish their paper, and then they move on to the next flower without taking the time to germinate and pollinate what they’ve been working on in the past.”
“How much of experience do you have with the open science movement?”
“I started that blog for the sole reason that I was struggling to find good information and I wanted to make as much good information accessible to as many people possible”
“The way we’ve systematized the process of drug development doesn’t enable us to develop a new drug as quickly as possible”