Pauline Mouches

I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Nils D. Forkert, in the Medical Image processing and Machine-learning Laboratory, at the University of Calgary. The lab aims to provide computer driven solutions to answer medical problems by collaborating with clinicians. I graduated from a French engineering school (INSA), as a computer science engineer, and also have a master’s degree specialized in multimedia data processing.

My PhD project focuses on brain aging, especially on observing and quantifying the evolution of subcortical and cerebrovascular structures. To this aim, I use a very large database of healthy adults containing MRIs, MRAs, and also non-imaging data such as life behaviours and biological factors. The correlations between the imaging and non-imaging features will be investigated to determine the risk factors for abnormal brain aging. Finally, we aim to provide a brain age estimation method, that could be used as an automatic detection tool for several neurological diseases.