Olivia Stanley

Twitter : @waltyelnats

I am a Ph.D. student in the Medical Biophysics department supervised by Dr. Ravi Menon at The University of Western Ontario. I completed my Bachelors of Science at the University of Waterloo in Physics with a minor in Biophysics. My research interest is improving the localization of functional MRI activation using both the magnitude and phase of the functional MRI signal.

My project with CONP is to design a software platform allowing for the easy inclusion of phase data in functional MRI analysis (fMRI). fMRI is sensitive to large and small vessels which can lead to a mislocalization of brain activity. fMRI phase data is selectively sensitive to large vessels and it can be used to remove them from the magnitude signal. My software platform will allow for the user to assure that their phase data is of sufficient quality for this task, try different techniques to remove these large vessels, and finally select the best one to use for their specific data.