Fresh off the press: recent publications about the CONP and the CONP Portal

You can now read about the multi-faceted approach the CONP is taking to enable open science in the field of neuroscience in our recently published paper: The Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform – An open science framework for the neuroscience community. We believe many of the challenges faced by both fundamental and clinical neuroscientists, such as improving reproducibility, can be tackled with open science approaches. To achieve these goals, we have developed infrastructure, frameworks, and toolkits under the CONP umbrella that aim to make neuroscience research, data, and tools accessible to everyone, with the ultimate objective of accelerating discovery.

The paper includes an overview of the CONP’s data and tool Portal, notebook preprint server (NeuroLibre), data governance frameworks and ethics toolkits, scholar and training programs, and a host of efforts to foster the open neuroscience community in Canada and beyond.

A second paper describing the CONP Portal, Data Tools and Integration in the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform, was also recently published in the journal Scientific Data. The CONP Portal is a web interface that facilitates open science for the neuroscience community by simplifying global access to and sharing of datasets and tools, as well as providing flexible pathways to both local and remote computation. It currently hosts more than 75 tools and 60 datasets, with 42 of those datasets originating from Canadian neuroscience research institutes and laboratories.

The Portal caters to a wide range of use cases in neuroscience research, acting to reduce “research silos” by integrating across major international open-science sharing infrastructures as well as Canadian data repositories.