How the CONP strengthens the global brain research community

Major neurological diseases and disorders have captured the curiosity of countless scientists and clinicians across the globe. However, contemporary neuroscience research has become increasingly fragmented, resource intensive, episodic, and unsustainable. A transformational change is therefore necessary to improve the utilization of scientific assets and drive enhanced decision-making across a dynamic research community oriented towards common goals.

The Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP) strengthens the global brain research community by improving access to research tools and supporting the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reproducibility of multi-domain and multi-scale neuroscience research outputs. This open neuroscience ecosystem is built upon extended collaborations that span across multiple organizations, domains, and sectors. Continuous knowledge exchange and prosocial cooperation across the open neuroscience network extends the data lifecycle, promotes confidence in research findings, and expands the impact of research funding.

In addition to open and registered access datasets, the CONP broadcasts podcasts on cutting-edge topics in open neuroscience and publishes interactive notebooks that enable real-time assessment of the impact of experimental variables on research outcomes. By supporting candid inquiry into brain function the CONP challenges the status quo and encourages the redesign of neuroscience-related work in order to more effectively address economic, ethical, and social demands.