CONP – Nikola Stikov and Ben Inglis on open science

In this podcast, Nikola Stikov speaks to Ben Inglis about open science. 

Language: English
Length: 21 mins

Time Description
Ben introduces a few new projects in their lab, including ultra-fast functional magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
‘Be helpful!’ - Ben’s advice to the science community and how to interpret it.
The genesis of ‘If you see a problem and you can be helpful and move something forward, people will call you back.’
How to incentivize sharing and being helpful? ‘People I know who have been open and helpful have ended up being very successful.’
In academic publishing we need to speed things up rather than game the impact factor.
Transparency in the peer-review process: is too much transparency a bad thing?
What is open science? You know it when you see it!