CONP – Matthieu Dupuis and Elizabeth DuPre

In this podcast, Matthieu Dupuis speaks to Elizabeth DuPre about open science. 

Language: English
Length: 13 mins

Time Description
Prior to being a PhD candidate in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill, Elizabeth studied developmental Psychology at Cornell University.
Elizabeth uses neuroinformatics tools to answer psychological questions
“When did you first learn about open science?”
“For me it’s really useful to know which kind of stimuli the participants actually saw and when we’re sharing open data we also really need to think about the kind of stimuli that we’re sharing and whether or not those can also remain accessible while staying on the right side of copyright law”
Elizabeth is passionate about open publishing
Elizabeth’s CONP project is about creating an interactive scientific publishing media that aims to create a tight link between research products like stimuli, data and code and their narrative text
Ariel Rokem and Fernando Perez are two people Elizabeth has been fortunate to work with and look up to