CONP – at Force11 2018 with Naomi Penfold and Daniela Saderi

In this podcast Naomi Penfold and Daniela Saderi speak of how Open Science should be responsible, collaborative, joyous.

Language: English
Length: 9 mins

Time Description
Naomi’s work at ASAPbio is aiming to mainstream preprinting for the life sciences
The FORCE2018 meeting is about sharing projects and ideas with this community
Daniela is a member of the PreReview team, aiming to engage early career researchers in scientific evaluation of preprints
FORCE11 meetings help connect a virtual network of open scholarship advocates - “I'm really excited about making connections” says Daniela
Moving academia to an open science model will “require extra work during that transition” says Naomi, but will make science easier and more effective in the long run.
“If you want to go fast you go alone, if you're going to go far, you go together” says Daniela, highlighting the importance of collaboration