Training Committee

The Training Committee will (i) identify CONP training opportunities, (ii) oversee training and visiting scientist stipend awards, (iii) monitor the training experience and, (iv) foster international training opportunities. The committee will coordinate the embedding of trainees within the scientific milieu of individual CONP sites.

Jane Roskams (Chair), University of British Columbia
Faisal Beg, Simon Fraser University 
Celia Greenwoood, McGill University
Ingrid Johnsrude, Western University 
Doug Munoz, Queen’s University 
Stephen Strother, University of Toronto 
David Rotenberg, CAMH
Greg Kiar, McGill University
Paul Pavlidis, University of British Columbia 
Julien Doyon, McGill University
Tim Murphy, University British Columbia 
James Desjardins, Compute Canada
Mallar Chakravarty, Douglas Mental Health Institute

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