The Digital Migration: Lessons About Open Science Arising from the COVID19 Crisis

In the wake of COVID19, the world is scrambling to figure out how to continue the functions of normal life while confined to a much smaller world of couches and home offices. Work, family and friend relationships, exercise, entertainment, and all the other elements of normalcy have been upended. The effort to maintain productivity (and, to be frank, sanity) has initiated a mass digital migration; a movement from life to e-life.

Dylan Roskams-Edris worked with the CONP Ethics and Governance Committee last year and continues to collaborate closely with the CONP in his role as The Neuro’s Open Science Alliance Officer. In April he wrote a blog post for PLOS discussing how the mass migration to online interaction caused by COVID-19 is reinforcing the benefits of open science for researchers, research communities, and society as a whole.

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