PLOS Computational Biology, NeuroLibre and CONP working together to learn how researchers share code

CONP word cloud

In their article published February 11, 2021, Mathieu Boudreau, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Pierre Bellec and Nikola Stikov analyzed the PLOS articles published in 2019 and found that at least 41% of them reported sharing some code. The authors add, “In addition to sharing code, an emerging trend in the open science community is to provide an easily reproducible coding environment that requires only a web browser to run demos or reproduce figures.”

PLOS wants to learn more about how computational biology researchers share code, use it and process it. In a blog post published the same day, PLOS is inviting its members to respond to a 10-minute survey created in collaboration with NeuroLibre and the CONP. Using a NeuroLibre prototype of code notebooks for two published PLOS Computational Biology articles, researchers can test this tool and provide feedback that would be used to improve it.

Prepared by:
Mary Chin