Mariana Bento

Mariana Bento is a postdoctoral fellow in the Seaman Family Centre and working at Calgary Image Processing and Analysis Centre (CIPAC) developing methods and approaches for medical image processing of large, multi-center data sets using machine learning techniques. Mariana completed her PhD (2016) and MSc (2013) at University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Her main research areas are medical image processing and machine learning.

Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) tools using magnetic resonance (MR) images, specially brain MR have been largely developed for disease burden quantification, patient diagnosis and follow-up. Lately, the volume of MR data requiring processing and analysis have risen exponentially and so too has its variability, particularly in multi-center studies that can include images acquired at different centers. My CONP project is to develop and make available automated techniques that aggregate large, heterogeneous brain MR imaging datasets by removing poor quality samples, or outliers, allowing the development of more robust and reliable open CAD tools in neuroscience area.