CONP – Rachel Harding and JB Poline on Open Science

In this podcast Rachel Harding speaks to JB Poline, chair of the CONP Technical Steering Committee.

Language: English
Length: 24 mins

Time Description
JB’s lab are interested in sharing data according to the FAIR principles, a global concept even mentioned at the G20 summit.
Generating tools and sharing these resources through traditional scholarly frameworks is frequently not a well-rewarded endeavour, irrespective of how critical those tools often are
Rachel and JB discuss how peer review is often used to place value on research outputs and how this is often seen as a critical aspect of gate-keeping scholarly output.
JB hopes the CONP will fill in gaps identified in open neuroscience scholarship
Rachel says how she believes scientists have an obligation to those funding research to share data, tools and code in order to make the largest impact with taxpayer dollars
JB would like the CONP to become a national and international leader in open neuroscience research