CONP – Nikola Stikov and Alexander Jacob

In this podcast, Nikola Stikov speaks to Alexander Jacob about open science

Language: English
Length: 17 min

Credit: Photo of Alexander Jacob by Nathan Chan/Raw Talk Podcast

Time Description
Introduction - Alexander Jacob, PhD student in psychology at the University of Toronto currently is working to develop new open source tools for imaging brain activity for awake animals.
Alexander is talking about his education and interests
The podcast “Raw talk” is done through the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto
Introducing the CONP-funded project to develop open-source miniature fluorescence microscopes.
The main challenge is stabilizing the images and extracting information out of them
Discussion about the efforts to make the project more transparent and reproducible.
The parts need to be affordable for labs of any size.
Planning for the future
Who is Alexander outside of the lab? Brief chat about theatre and movies