Communications Committee

The CONP Communications Committee will support the development of an open environment for scientific discourse such that research objects are supplemented with multimedia content including interviews, videos, and editorials.  Diverse content will be distributed via a publishing platform that enables data curation, data and code accessibility, and technical reproducibility.

Communications Committee Members:
Rachel Harding, University of Toronto (Co-chair)
Nikola Stikov, École Polytechnique (Co-chair)
Pierre Bellec, CRIUGM
Damien Chalaud, McGill University
Zoha Deldar, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Maxime Descoteaux, Université de Sherbrooke
Matthieu Dupuis, McGill University
Derek Lo, McGill University
Michelle Ploughman, Memorial University

Committee Representatives:
Dylan Roskams-Edris (Ethics and governance committee)
Greg Kiar, McGill University (Training committee)
Stephanie Dyke, McGill University

Catherine Duquette, École Polytechnique
Paolo Vincenzo Leone, McGill University
Estrid Jakobsen, QBIN