Le CONP, le Neuro, le TOSI et le Centre de recherche du Douglas signent DORA

DORA logo

Together with our partners The Neuro, TOSI, and the Douglas Research Centre, the CONP has signed the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA). This concerted signing signifies the shared ambitions of these institutions in promoting research evaluation strategies that more accurately reflect the true contributions of scientists to their communities.

Key to shifting baseline scientific practice towards more open and reproducible workflows is reducing the perceived clashes between science-potentiating practices and career-building incentives. Recognizing the importance of these objectives, signatories of DORA commit to reforming and broadening the bases upon which a scientist’s contributions to the community are assessed, including acutely de-emphasizing crude and inappropriate use of journal impact factor. The CONP supports the initiatives put forth by the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) and works with its partners to educate and empower the scientific community toward the adoption of open-science workflows and the appropriate recognition of their value to the progress of science.

It is our hope that our concerted signing of DORA will encourage members of our community to become familiar with and work towards implementing its recommendations in their own research environments, as we collectively work towards fairer and more meaningful assessments of scientific outputs.

For more information, please visit The Neuro’s statement on our concurrent signing of DORA and the text of the declaration