Greg Kiar


Greg is completing his (open) Ph.D. in the Department of Biomedical and Biological Engineering at McGill University while working with Drs. Alan Evans and Tristan Glatard (Department of Computer Science, Concordia University). He has a Master’s in Science and Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, where he first began his work in neuroscience and developing tools for lowering the barrier to connectomics. If Greg isn’t working there’s a good chance you’ll find him riding a bike, in a kayak, or on a soccer pitch.

Research Project

Greg studies the trustworthiness of tools and data in neuroscience. Starting from typical experiments that other scientists may run, Greg makes tiny changes and evaluates how scientific claims change as a result. His work is not only in the refinement of methods to measure these changes, but making it easier for other scientists to more deeply understand the quality of their own work.