CONP – Rachel Harding, Paolo Vincenzo Leone, and Jane Roskams on Open Science

In this podcast, Rachel Harding and Paolo Leone talk to Jane Roskams, chair of the CONP training committee

In this podcast Rachel Harding talks to Jane Roskams, chair of the CONP Training Committee

Language: English
Length: 17 mins

Time Description
Rachel and Paolo welcome Jane Roskams, chair of the training committee of the CONP
There’s enormous potential in discovering patterns in shared data as a basis for where we want to go next
We need to open the door to other scientists to help you understand your data better
Foldit, a citizen science program for protein folding developed by Zoran Popovic, inspired Mozak, a game-based approach to neuronal reconstruction
The role of technology in open science
You cannot have artificial intelligence without having intelligence. Game-based approaches work because of human insight
The CONP training committee will provide support to shape the next generation of open science experts