Training Committee

The Training Committee will (i) identify CONP training opportunities, (ii) oversee training and visiting scientist stipend awards, (iii) monitor the training experience and, (iv) foster international training opportunities. The committee will coordinate the embedding of trainees within the scientific milieu of individual CONP sites.

Jane Roskams (Chair), University of British Columbia
Faisal Beg Simon, Fraser University 
Celia Greenwoood, McGill University
Ingrid Johnsrude, Western University 
Doug Munoz, Queen’s University 
Stephen Strother, University of Toronto 
David Rotenberg, CAMH
Greg Kiar, McGill University
Paul Pavlidis, University of British Columbia 
Julien Doyon, McGill University
Tim Murphy, University British Columbia 
James Desjardins, Compute Canada
Mallar Chakravarty, Douglas Mental Health Institute

Technical Steering Committee 

Senior software engineers and CONP scientists, engaged in CBRAIN (Glatard), LORIS (Das), Brain-CODE (Strother), MEDICS (Duchesne) development will be responsible for the development of the CONP cyberinfrastructure.

Jean-Baptiste Poline (Chair), McGill University
David Rotenberg, CAMH
Tristan Glatard, Concordia University
Samir Das, McGill University
Simon Duchesne, Université Laval
Shawn Brown, McGill University
David Bujold, McGill University
Ken Evans, INDOC Research
Felipe Henriques, Montreal Heart Institute
Ali Khan Robarts, Research Institute, Western University
Nils Daniel Forkert, University of Calgary

Ethics and Governance Committee

The Ethics and Governance Committee will work to facilitate the sharing of rich imaging, genomic, clinical and phenotypic datasets in a manner that: respects the privacy and expectations of participants; complies with regulatory requirements; and aligns with international best practices for open science data governance.

Bartha Knoppers (Chair), McGill University
Walter Stewart, independent
Stephanie Dyke, McGill University
Ann Cavoukian, Ryerson University
Judy Illes, University of British Columbia
Richard Gold, McGill University
Jennifer Flynn, Memorial University
Elizabeth Theriault, Ontario Brain Institute
Roland Nadler, University of Ottawa

End User Committee

The End User Committee will work with the CONP Steering Committee and all of the CONP working committees to guide CONP priorities and to facilitate data exchange activities. The End User Committee will be a bidirectional vehicle for best practices and data dissemination (main stakeholders reached: health care professional societies, public health authorities, policy makers).

Sean Hill (Chair), CAMH
Ravi Menon, Western Ontario
Patricia Conrod, Centre de recherche du CHU Sainte-Justine
Vesna Sossi, University of British Columbia
Tomas Paus Rotman, Research Institute, Baycrest
Paul Pavlidis, University of British Columbia
Jennifer Tremblay-Mercier, Douglas Mental Health Institute
Natasha Rajah, Douglas Mental Health Institute

Communications Committee

The CONP Communications Committee will support the development of an open environment for scientific discourse such that research objects are supplemented with multimedia content including interviews, videos, and editorials.  Diverse content will be distributed via a publishing platform that enables data curation, data and code accessibility, and technical reproducibility.

Lara Boyd (Co-Chair), University of British Columbia
Nikola Stikov (Co-Chair), Montreal Heart Institute
Rachel Harding, University of Toronto
Maxime Descouteaux, Université do Sherbrooke
Damien Chalaud, McGill University
Pierre Bellec, CRIUGM
Michelle Ploughman, Memorial University